The New Icons

The Icon contest is over and the winners are choosen. Here’s how the next version will look like:

New Version Global.AQ 2.2

The new version 2.2 (to be released soon) will have the following new features:

- Support for iOS 4 (background support)

  1. -Brand new icon (will be announced early July)

  2. -Support for routing of incoming voice calls. If someone calls your Global.AQ number, you decide where the call should go.You can route it to your iPhone’s number for example. To set this up enter your number in international format in Account Information settings:

03. June 2010: Design a better icon and win an iPad!

29. April 2010: Global AQ 2.1

Global.AQ version 2.1 is finally released.

Note: due to technical issues it had to be issued as a new application. You should thus use up your credits to zero before switching to the new application. New features in 2.1 are:

  1. -Delivery report. A checkmark appears when the receiver has opened up the message.

  2. -Nicknames appear in the receiver’s push messages so they can identify the sender easier.

  3. -Full landscape support

  4. -Full support for iPad

UPDATE 5th January 2010

MASSIVE PRICE CUT of almost 50%!

For what you paid for 500 SMS, you now get 1000 SMS!

UPDATE 11. December 2009

  1. -Global.AQ Standard is now also in the AppStore

UPDATE 7. December 2009

  1. -Global.AQ Pro 2.0 is finally in the AppStore

UPDATE: 22 October 2009

  1. -Incoming Coverage increased

Changes for version 2.0

- Full 2 way push support (requires iPhone OS 3.0)

- Support to paste your geographical location and signature into the message text

- Automatic adaption of numbers from national to international format.

- Much better user interfaces.

- no more advertisement

- variable billing

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Send and receive SMS

on your iPod Touch or iPhone

Free Instant Messaging

between Global.AQ users

(by sending to +88234.. numbers)


15.99 USD / 12.99 EUR

1.99 USD / 1.59 EUR


incl. 500 credits

incl. 50 credits